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One more light

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About project

One More Light is just an idea that I got while travelling to school one morning, listening to Linkin Park’s One More Light. I was listening to the lyrics when I got overhelmed by the sadness and pain of the idea, that young people are ending their lives just because they didn’t find any help or they thought no one cared. Well, I do 😊

And since I’ve recently found a new passion- learning about programming and coding- I decided to create this website, where I would like to offer a bit of caring to those, who would appreciate it.

Just to make it clear- I’m not a psychologist. I’m not a proper substitution for a real psychologist, psychiatrist or a therapist.

But I’m here if you want or need to talk. I’m here if you feel lonely, or sad, or anxious... I will do my best to listen to you and make you feel better, to give you the feeling that someone in this world cares, even though we might be thousands and thousands miles apart.

And if it helps just one person, I know it was worth it.